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Kushal Das - building communities and sometimes software


kushal [--public-interest-technologist] [--contributor] [--developer]


Public interest technologist at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Spendig life helping various FOSS projects and communities in different roles, including part of The Tor Project. Volunteering with Fedora Project over last 10 years. I am also a core developer of CPython, and director at Python Software Foundation. In 2004 I founded dgplug and still help there as a co-ordinator. I spend a lot of time with new contributors in #dgplug channel on freednode.


* E-mail: mail at kushaldas dot in
* GPG: A85F F376 759C 994A 8A11 68D8 D821 9C8C 43F6 C5E1
* Mastodon: @kushal
* Twitter: @kushaldas
* IRC: kushal on irc.freenode.net
* Wire: @strugglecontinues
* Onion: kushal76uaid62oup5774umh654scnu5dwzh4u2534qxhcbi4wbab3ad.onion

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