Dolphin, the file manager in KDE4.x
Posted: 2008-08-25T20:20:05+05:30

Dolphin is the file manager in KDE4.x. It is made focusing on usability.

Dolphin in KDE4

Here is video tutorial on dolphin


Amarok 2 Beta in Fedora 9
Posted: 2008-08-25T14:10:22+05:30

Amarok keeps rocking as always. You can grab the rpm from here (thanks to rdieter).

Amarok 2 Beta splash screen

With another great start , the ui as cool as the KDE4.x itself.

Amarok 2 Beta running

Though missing that blue colour, I specially liked the play menu buttons. Btw, remember to delete/rename the old ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection.db file as the db schema changed. Now if you want you can undo/redo tracks added in the playlist. You can use middle click on the system tray icon to play/pause. Need to play around some more time to understand the other new features. A screencast is on due for this.


Learn more about KDE 4.1 panel
Posted: 2008-08-23T23:56:54+05:30

This video will help you to learn more about KDE 4.1 panel.


Introduction to Fedora, part 2, KDE Desktop
Posted: 2008-08-23T18:38:35+05:30

Uploaded the second part of the beginners video. This is on KDE desktop (Version 4.1). You can find it here.


and the dance continues ....
Posted: 2008-04-02T12:51:24+05:30

They were in cool mood :) Read more about it here.

The original video can be found here .


Going around the problem
Posted: 2008-03-31T11:52:38+05:30

I posted this problem , one month back. This started when qt-copy upgraded to Qt4.x . makghosh told me to console login and do a startx , which helped. I just wrote a new .xinitrc file in my home directory. exec ~/kde/bin/startkde And after doing a console login from Ctrl + Alt + F1, I am just typing : startx – :1

Thanks to Hobbes for the command syntax


Strange problems continue....
Posted: 2008-02-28T20:54:19+05:30

Last couple of days I having another strange problem. If I logging in my kdedev account (which is build from the svn) both KDE3 & KDE4 sessions are starting up together :( KDE3 & KDE4 together :( Any solution ?


KDE 4.0 released :)
Posted: 2008-01-11T16:43:48+05:30

Read it here.

You can read it in different Indian languages too.

Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati ,Malayalam , Marathi , Punjabi , this a great work by all those translators who made it possible to read the news in different Indic languages.


A video of Konsole in KDE 4.x
Posted: 2008-01-02T16:22:50+05:30

Another preview video of konsole.

In Bengali

In English (Out of synk some times)


Some news about KDE India :)
Posted: 2007-12-28T10:26:08+05:30

As I am back in Bangalore, I started getting into stuffs I left few months back. One of the major news is the new KDE-IN website. Some of the new things from the site described below:

FreeIndian: From the site: “FreeIndian is all about introducing Indian FOSS contributors, to the world. Individuals listed here, contribute to various Free and Open Source projects and could be programmers, artists, translators, FOSS advocates, maintainers, packagers and many more directly or indirectly involved in it. “

KDE apps review: Some excellent KDE apps reviewed :)

Tutorials: This section contains some screencast ( Video+Audio ) based tutorials on different KDE apps.

And the team is growing :)


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