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My new walking desk

I was spending a lot of time on my chair. My fitbit was telling me that on the face everyday. I had a trademill at home and of course was not using it enough.

Decided to change the scene with a walking desk. Converted my treadmill to a walking desk with the stuff found inside of my office room :) Did around 17k steps in day1 and around 20k+ steps from next day. I am feeling great. I increased the height of the monitor after I took this picture.

The week without pants

The idea of this blog post comes from a book tile, The year without pants, you should read that.

Last Monday, I joined Eucalyptus Inc. , a company located in Santa Barbara in USA with employees in different parts of the world. Yes, this is my first full time remote job and this post is about the experience of the first 5 days.

On day one I started with fixing my new work vm (as I am yet to get a new laptop) and setting up different work related accounts (emails+vpn+ldap etc). As IRC is the primary means of communication, I found it very easy to join in the conversations, other than the few minutes of mistyping the password :(

On day 2 and day 3, I got access to the test servers to try out different setups and getting familiar with the system. Meanwhile one of the senior team member gave me a visual tour of the community part of the forum and I am now taking care of the questions there, along with other community members. The primary IRC channel #eucalyptus on irc.freenode.net was already in my auto join list for the last few years, so talking there was exactly the same but now I can help others more with my newly acquired knowledge :)

Work timing is not fixed, for the next few months I will find out a more suitable time line for the day, for now I am getting up and coming online around 9am so that I can still chat with my colleagues who are going to sleep in their timezone. I also stay awake late (which is an habit of last 13 years) and spend time over IRC discussing various things in details.

For the first few months I am working with the support team, to learn more about the system (which is similar to Scott's experience). People ask different type of questions, starting from configuration values to different parts of webui. The learning is fun and as I am trying out different parts of the documentation as a newbie, I guess that becomes a test on "How good is the documentation?".

The fear of being left alone while working remotely goes around in many friends' mind. This was not the case with me, I already knew few people in the company from IRC channels and people also use a voice system mumble, which is giving a more personal touch. BTW, you should watch this talk from the github folks on their effort with remote workers.

On Friday, I went to Deependra's house, to learn and discuss things over few glasses of coconut water and superb laddus :p

Today is Monday, a new week already started. The friendliness and welcoming gesture people showed, is common in many different FOSS projects and very good for a new person to join in and to blend in the culture. In the coming weeks I will learn more and write more on my experience. For now, time to go back to the other ssh shell.

Sunrise with a different view

Yet another Monday, but the day was different. After waking up, I was not in a hurry to take bath and fix my laptop bag, instead took time to keep looking from the window to the outside. After more than 5 years, I was not in a rush to run to the office, instead the office came to my house.

I started the system to login to the IRC for my new job, in the community team of Eucalyptus. After the initial setups were done, I went ahead and started watching few recorded talks.

I am already running Eucalyptus in my home network for a private cloud for some time, where I test Fedora cloud images, and keep doing all random experiments. I will write about them in next few blog posts. Having centos instances also helped to test the Python codes in Python 2.6 series.

My primary job responsibility will be the community, to learn and grow with everyone else, to make sure that people can build the private cloud, they always wanted.

Colour colour everywhere :)

It was time for Holi once again :)

Was in the action with my new 24-70. Found people totally drowned in colour



Little kids enjoying as much as they can


Among all the chaos and fun and colours, still found people alone while trying to dry up.


Many smiling faces also.



People dancing with all crazy styles.



One can find the whole set here.

On vacation

On vacation this week, so no internet for me. If anything urgent give me a call.

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Yet Another Accident

Yesterday early morning around 6.20AM I heard noise from a open tap in the kitchen. As there is a shortage of water in Pune, water comes only for 2.30 hours in the morning. So, I went to kitchen to close the tap and slipped as water overflowed to everywhere. Saved my body mostly with both hands but the head came down very fast and the chin hit the floor very hard. I stood up and figured out blood everywhere. Stopped the blood using my tee only.

Ran to the Noble Hospital's emergency room. They started cleaning the blood and gave the initial first aid. Went for X-ray and after they said nothing broken stitching started. Total 5 stitches and 4 injections :( Btw, this hospital is better than the ones I went in Bangalore if you compare the service and care for the patients.

Can not even laugh as it pains a lot and doctor said stitches may break if I laugh :(

From today morning feeling pain on the sides of both hands.

I don't know why all these strange accidents happen to me always. After every few months something happens.

Also few nights back almost hit an elephant while returning to home from office at night, thought I will overtake it easily but a speeding car from the other direction changed the story. Luckily brake worked on time and stopped just few inches behind the elephant.

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