Some updates
Posted: 2009-01-05T17:21:43+05:30

Took some nice vacation from IRC in the last week. Now back on track again. In the current todo list:

  • Implementing the Jukebox ideas
  • Work on more PyQt videos
Also found the third eye: Can you find me in that ?

The Eye


Through my lenses: FOSS.IN 2008
Posted: 2008-12-02T21:13:17+05:30

You can find my event report here (11MB). This is my first try to make something like this. Nicu helped a lot with my poor spelling mistakes. Comments are welcome.


Attack of the clones
Posted: 2008-11-11T00:31:17+05:30

Attack of the Clones

I followed this. We need video tutorials on digikam like these.


How to change exposure of raw photos in showfoto ?
Posted: 2008-11-03T16:39:36+05:30

Can we change exposure of raw photos in showfoto ? Ufraw gimp-plugins allows me to do this very easily.I.t is called “Exposure compensation in EV” there

In one day of usage this is something I am really missing.

Update: Found the solution , goto settings, there goto image editor and select “Use Raw import tool for Raw images”


A journey to showfoto
Posted: 2008-11-03T00:43:39+05:30

I use gimp as the main post process tool for my photographs. Which is anyway a very powerful tool. But most of the options available there are not required for me. Looked for another application which  is lighter and powerful at the same time. I tried showfoto long back, never liked the UI that time. Thought of giving another try tonight.

I have a 0.10.0-beta5 installed in my F-9 system (the package came from rawhide though). After starting the application default options(buttons to click) look much lesser, cooler for eyes :)

I opened my raw image in it, took some time but came finally(Is there any chance to make it a bit faster ?). The first thing I tried was to adjust the level, found the desired dialogue after two clicks. All other basic required options are there in the color menu entry including brightness/saturation/channel mixer. Btw, F10 and F11 buttons will help you to see under and over exposed places in the shot.

Here is a snap edited in showfoto.


You can find my other shots here.

It seems I can now use it for post processing, which also means I am back to digikam once agian :)


Which one you like more ?
Posted: 2008-07-17T00:53:44+05:30

Wait for the pose

IR test

Another shot

Please comment :)


Time changes many things in life
Posted: 2008-06-02T05:11:29+05:30

Yes it does. I can see it  in 2001 , 2005 and in 2008.

A moment which will live forever

This is in 2001, just after getting into engineering college. No one ever shouted at me for taking a photo before or after. After that day we exchanged many words. She was really angry as I took it.

A sign

Above she is giving her autograph on my shirt. This was 2005 during the last few days in college. Those days. I was allowed to take as many pictures as I want. Strange enough , the day was 2nd June :p

This time she only asked me to bring my camera to take her photo. I had a sudden visit to Hyderabad, we met after 2 years. talked a lot about college days, and got this

A look which will stay in heart and mind


Strobist meet
Posted: 2008-05-26T14:14:55+05:30

With warming gel

Yesterday we had a strobist meet , it was kind of boot camp.

Had a very little(2 hours) sleep in Friday night and got ready at 4.00AM , taxi came, I went to pick up Sushma. We reached MG Road on time and then found Akshath was still at home waiting for others. Finally we (me , Sushma, Akshath, Manas, Arpita) started around 6am. Avinash and Rajesh were in the other car. Around 8 reached at the hotel where Danny and Sunil put up, had a quick breakfast.

Then we went down to the river through a pass just beside the hotel. Akshath already briefed us about the basics. I tried couple of shots in the manual mode. I always used to shoot in Aperture priority mode. We divided it two groups and people started trying different ideas. I don’t think Sushma was never bored so much in a day before :(

Enjoying the place

Around 1:30 we went to another resort for lunch which went upto 4, then as some of started doing hard light shots others took some rest. Suddenly rain came :) Had some fun while running for cover :P

After the rain stopped we again came back to the first hotel and start shooting with many strobes. Below you can see some nice setup shots :p Can some one fix this Don't fall please

As far as the learning, I learnt the basics and understood that I have to do lot of experiments to reach a stable phase to understand it. Anyway I moved to manual and thats a huge thing for me :D

You saw the first photo, now the same without warming gel Without warming Gel The set can be found here.


What I did in last couple of days!!
Posted: 2008-05-06T23:59:45+05:30

Nothing except few clicks, and had lot of fun.

Hope never goes down

One smile wins all

Princess of .....


Which one ... !! :p


And also packaged pem


Photography , /me and Linux
Posted: 2008-04-24T16:40:17+05:30

Now I am having a complete cycle on Linux for my photographs :)

Shoot, store in the folder by year/month/shootname style, then see the photos in gthumb or any other viewer and open in Gimp, do the post process and save it in another folder as jpeg. I only shoot in RAW format which is .nef files for my case (I am having a Nikon D80).

Only thing I was missing, was a solution for HDR photographs. And that problem is also solved now by some great guys with a work called Qtpfsgui. Some sample outputs are given below :)

KMP in Durgapur (A place for couples)

HDR , Myshore Palace

Bad HDR:)


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