Ogg is making me crazy
Posted: 2008-09-11T20:11:46+05:30

I am getting into all kinds of trouble while working with oggs. In the current problem set biggest question is :

How can I merge/add two ogg files? First file is a ogg theora (only video), the second file is ogg theora+vorbis

I need this for the screencasts I am working on


MH - 12 DS 228 , the drunk driver who hit my bike
Posted: 2008-08-20T00:59:51+05:30

First of all, I am safe. Front part of the bike broke. I was coming back home from office , around 11:50pm, in front of Koregaon park chouki, a whitish car in front of me slowed down and stopped, so I also stopped more than a feet behind. Suddenly that car started coming back in reverse, and it’s behind portion came on top of my bike’s front tire. I was using my bike’s horn at full , but he never listened , and then I understood that he was drunk. He came out of car with 1 male friend and girl. The driver was drunk , aged less than 40 started shouting at me, twice I went back few steps as he was almost in  a mood to hit me. He threatened me of police, when I said lets go to police station he suddenly ran to the car, his friend followed him and the girl went to some other car in different direction. The number of the car which hit my bike is MH-12 DS 228 .

I tried to do an F.I.R. to the police station nearby but no one was there. So I went to Shrasti nagar police station, they asked me to go to Koregaon park police chouki , so I went back again. There they just took the details in a white paper and asked me to go home, they said they will check later in the morning.

Yes, I am a bit upset with the police’s behaviour. But more than to that drunk driver, he looked like some manager kind of guy (from clothing) , and he thinks as he is having money he owns the road. I am lucky nothing happened to me physically but things might went different. In newspapers we regulary read how people are getting killed by drunk drivers.

My kind request to the responsible people don’t drink and drive. And also please help me to find this person, if you are in Pune, try to see if you know this car or ask your friends if they know anything. Give them the car’s number.


Why the newbies are asking such lame questions ?
Posted: 2008-08-10T14:32:33+05:30

This is a big question going on IRC last few days in channels like #fedora-india or in #dgplug. Here is the WBUT CSE syllabus and my points. You can listen me ogg, mp3.

Please comment what you think on this whole issue.


Venkatesh Hariharan, the co founder of Indlinux project speaks on Open standards and software patents in India
Posted: 2008-08-08T18:20:05+05:30

Today I took interview of Venkatesh Hariharan, the co founder of Indlinux project,  on Open standards and software patents in India. He clearly showcased why the open-standard is necessary , specially for a country like India. He also spoke on the current issue of software patent in India and open source model in general.

Ogg, Mp3


About the rss file structure for Fedora TV
Posted: 2008-07-09T23:27:23+05:30

RSS 2.0 specification can be found here. Looking into current file for Fedora TV, I was wondering whether we need both <pubDate> and <lastBuildDate> elements.

After doing little bit search, this looks nice answer. So, I modified the Fedora TV file into this.

I also updated my code to work with the new file structure.


Publican is taking ages to make html or make html-single
Posted: 2008-07-07T23:33:54+05:30

If you are in the above stated issue, please update publican to the latest version , better from svn. I have one rpm ready in case you need.


Paperworks to be finished
Posted: 2008-07-02T01:18:10+05:30

Now too many paperworks left to be finished. I hate to circle these Govt. buildings everyday for them :(


"Fedora India" == the community
Posted: 2008-06-30T01:01:49+05:30


“Fedora India” is not a person , it is the community including all Fedora users and contributors. Today I suddenly figured out that Kulbir Saini is using this in one of his blog. He is GSoC student this year.

We, the contributors from India have certain problems with this. Using the name “Fedora India” will give false impression to the world that this is from the community of India which is actually not. He is also using Fedora logo in his blog. And don’t forget about the google ads.

To add more spice to it here is the declaimer from the site: “Copyright © 2008 Kulbir Saini. I am not related to Red Hat or Fedora Project. The content on this site is my own views.” Now how can be it possible that his blog is in planet Fedora and he is not related to Fedora Project.

As I asked this in the list, his first reply was in personal, so I replied back cc:ed to the list also. It seems he loves to reply personally .

I hope the Fedora community will help us to keep the community name clean.


Converting videos
Posted: 2008-06-27T19:10:11+05:30

From mpeg to flv: ffmpeg -i infile.mpeg -deinterlace -ar 44100 -r 25 -qmin 3 -qmax 6 outfile.flv

From ogg to flv: ffmpeg -i yum.ogg -b 384000 -pass 1 yum.flv


My keyboard is typing automatically
Posted: 2008-04-23T15:22:30+05:30

Topic says the all

It is mostly typing “^@”, in the command mode of vi, in the konsole sometimes. It is also typing/pasting random texts from within the file in vi :)

And sometimes the whole keyboard is freezing….

I don’t know under whom I should file the bug :(

My laptop is running the latest rawhide


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