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PyLadies Pune 2017 June meetup

Last weekend we had the PyLadies Pune June meet up. The day started with Shilpee Chamoli taking a data science 101 with Python. As few people were having trouble in installing Jupyter and the other dependencies, I suggested to use Azure notebooks, and a few of us did that. This was the first time I was attending a pandas workshop, even though I packaged it a few years back for Fedora. The simple problem related to Titanic data was fun to work on.

Next, Anwesha shared her experience in PyCon US, and she & Sayan also played the videos they recorded during PyCon. It was a surprise to all of the attendees. In the videos, we had messages from Lynn Root, Ewa Jodlowska, Carol Willing, and Jackie Kazil to the PyLadies Pune group members. Looking at the people's faces, I think that was a really good idea from Anwesha.

After lunch, we started discussing project ideas. Sayan, Praveen Kumar, Chandankumar and me were helping the groups about the ideas. I will be mentoring a group of students for their final year project, which is about a command line bookmarking application, with future features like a corresponding web-frontend etc. Right now, they are busy with the most difficult part of the project, choosing a name for the project :)

Python 101 session this Sunday

This Sunday I took a Python 101 session in the reserved-bit, the local hackerspace in Pune. I was hoping that jetlag (from the PyCon trip) would be over, but it was not the case :( But, starting at 11 AM helped.

There were around 10 participants, and all of them wrote code before in various languages. A few had previous experiences with Python. Because of different Operating Systems, and also not being able to install things on a corporate laptop, my idea of using Microsoft Azure notebook service in this session helped. This also made sure that all of us were using the same version of Python (3.6) and the same environment.

Because of the nature of the participants, I decided to skip various basic examples, and tried to more longer code just after the lunch break. During our reading a file example we figured out that the notebooks are running in Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) from the /etc/os-release file.

As a whole this was fun, debugging was easy on the notebooks. At the end when people asked what IDE to try, my default answer PyCharm came up :) Btw, in the image below, on the left-hand side, you can see a function call we wrote in the session to get the latest cricket match score using requests module :)