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2 days of Fedora and python workshops in Durgapur

With help from local dgplug members we had 2 days of workshops on February 17th and 18th.

The idea was to introduce Fedora to the new students and various tools which they can use to develop their skills. This time we tried to get only interested students into the workshops.

Day1: We started around 11am in the seminar hall, had around 45 students attending the first talk on FOSS in general and then about Fedora. Existing contributors like Sayan, Biraj also talked about their experience, how they started their journey. After lunch break we started python workshop, we had to introduce the terminal and various commands to them before I started talking about python. Most of them were being able to catch up and solve the small problems I gave. We closed for the day around 5:30pm. I stayed back in the Boy's Hostel and had chats about various projects students are working on.

Day2: Though we started a bit early but we had almost every participant from previous day. First workshop of the day was on Vi. In the second half we again started with python but going into more details. Showing them how they can start working on a project, how to do their lab assignments using existing tools in Fedora. These students can see their seniors who already started contributing to various projects. I hope some of them will follow the path.