Kphotobymail 0.3.2 is released

Kphotobymail 0.3.2 is released. In this release the installation/application structure is changed.

For new readers:

Kphotobymail is a PyQt based application for uploading photos to flickr account.You can also use it to send emails with photo attachment on the fly.

Kphotobymail is in Fedora Extras now. So, if you are a Fedora Core 5 or in devel you can simply give :

#yum install kphotobymail

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Kphotobymail 0.3.1 , please delete the follwing before installing:

/usr/share/kphotobymail /usr/local/bin/kphotobymail

For older releases: /usr/local/bin/kphotobymail /usr/local/lib/kphotobymail

Then install the latest version ..