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Boog, the desktop bugzilla client for Fedora

Few nights back I was looking for way to explain my dad how to file a bug and this starts from there. Me and mether had the initial discussion in the middle of night about the basic design and workflow.

From the project page "Boog is a desktop and command line bugzilla client that aims to provide a very easy and simple interface for end users to file bug reports. We aim to built some intelligence into the client. We will collect the Fedora version and component version information, hardware details, log output, SELinux status and other details depending on the component the user chooses to file a bug report against."

To get automated information , I wrote some code based on this wiki page.If your package requires any other information which can be collected automatically please drop a mail to me.

I started writing a console based client for the same. For now we thought that user will know against which package he wants to file the bug.

The first screen

boog screen 1

In the next screen, user needs to put the username and password or it will pick them up from a config file.

boog screen 2

Next is the package name

boog screen 3

Then a single line summary

boog screen 4

Next it will open up your favorite editor based on $EDITOR environment variable or it will fallback to vi.

boog screen 5

Finally it will show the report to the user , user may want to submit that to go back or cancel the whole operation.

boog screen 6

While submitting the bug it will automatically upload the files to be attached. After submitting the report the user will get an URL of the bug just filed.

You can see the process in this screencast.

We need help on the mockup of the Gtk based GUI. Please contact me or mether in case you want. Any new ideas or suggestions are welcome :)

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