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Darkserver, a GNU build-id details provider web-service (Idea currently in development)

In Fedora 8 we had a feature of adding BuildID Support.

Darkserver is a service written to help people finding details of build-id(s). People will be able query the service based on build-id(s) or rpm package names. The service will provide output in JSON format as it will be easier for other tools to parse the output.

Darkserver Idea

There is darkserver-import tool which can be used by a service like bodhi to run it against each package pushed through. It will populate a MySQL database with the details of build-id and ELF file details.

The current output format for a query of build-id   aa995549415cd52a6fbbc21811dfc2dd00e2c242


The Web service is written in Django. Package review is currently going on. Code base is in github.

There is a client called darkclient which will query the service and print the output in a way so that it will be easier for shell scripts to parse it.