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Day -1 for the Flock 2015

It is 5:30am, and I am already up. Which may sound great in any other day, but the night before I slept after 2am. The day was the day -1 for Flock 2015 in Rochester. That means meeting lots of old friends through out day/night. Time to put faces behind some of the IRC nicks I know for a long time.

The day started relatively well, other than the super costly breakfast in the venue. A few of us saw some empty chairs and desk in the floor above lobby, and thought of sitting there and hack. A hotel employee came running in, and telling us that we were not allowed there. That led us to move to Java's Cafe few blocks away. The coffee was good, and we all sat around a big table. One of my TODO list item was about syncing with Threebean about fedimg project. He showed the latest script he wrote to dig up fedmsgs from datagrepper related to fedimg. There were a lot of other chitchats, and it increased even more when Denis, and Remy joined us in the table. I had few small queries which Nirik cleared very quickly. I also received a yubikey from him. Later after 1pm we moved to another place for lunch.

Came back to the same Cafe after lunch, we already grew in number. Some people went back to the hotel, and more number of people came in. Met Maxamillion aka Adam Miller for the first time. That also means that our tiny release-infra team (Luke, Adam, and me) were in the same place for the first time :) Patrick Uiterwijk was working on patch which would allow us to burn the version one of the Yubikey, I did the first test of the code, and managed to setup my new key. Pingou helped me to write the initial version of a metadata service using Flask. Later randomuser (Pete Travis) helped me to setup proper firewalld rules so that the local vm(s) can access the metadata on the virbr0.

We moved to a near by dimsum place for dinner. I should say thank you Remy for the tasty dinner. The next stop was the bar just opposite, more people started turning up there. On Luke's suggestion I tried St. Bernardus, which is pretty good. Came back to the hotel around midnight, and found Ruth welcoming everyone. The lobby area was filled with Fedora hackers and lots of alcohol. Met Dave, and Subhendu after a long time. Roshi and Dusty Mabe were two other people whom I wanted to meet for a long time. It is so nice to meet the friends for the first time, when you already spend most of your days with them over IRC. John Dulaney showed me his personal cloud/vm orchestration system. I decided to end my day as getting few hours of sleep is really necessary. The day one of Flock will start in another few hours. Means time to get up from the chair :)