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Day 1 of FUDCON KL 2012

Getting up early in the morning, eating breakfast while sleeping is the most common thing of every event's day 1. It was exactly the same, but we managed to start from the hotel to the FUDCon venue on time. The registration desk was already opened. We slowly moved into Audi 3 for the keynote by Christoph Wickert

After the keynote people put up the talks they wanted to do in the barcamp and they started talking from 2:30pm (after lunch).

In between I met Joshua Wulf for the first time. 
While discussing about lekhonee-gnome with Ankur, we figured out that the latest build failed in F17 and I was trying to fix it. Suddenly someone from the left of my seat asked me to use pkgconfig in the spec file to find the gee-1.0 dependency and voila, it worked like magic. Before I could ask his name, he said very gently to me that he is the maintainer of vala and gee :)

i think this is the main reason people should come over to an event like FUDCon, meeting people in real and learn from them is always useful.

I did a small session on "Fedora for students" and tried to explain the advantages students can get while working on FOSS projects and Fedora in particular. I also attended Christoph's talk on "Improving Collaboration with other Open Source projects" and we discussed how things can go ahead for a project like darkserver