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Day Two of FOSSASIA 2016

I had to leave early to the venue for day two, as I had a welcome talk in the Python track. The morning started with the "Introduction to GSOC, and GCI" talk from Stephanie Taylor. The room was full with many ex-GSOC and GCI students, and mentors. The students of GCI last year completed more than 4k tasks, among them 1k+ was done by the students under FOSSASIA organization.

After this talk I moved to the Python track room. With a small welcome talk we started the first talk in the track, "Test driven development with pytest" from Ivan Zimine. The Goat book was there in the slides. He gave example of a very simple Flask application, and then how to test it with pytest. At the end few users asked about preference between Django and Flask :)

Next Sayan started his talk about Fedora Infrastructure. He gave a nice overview of the different applications running in the infrastructure, and how one can join the team. During the QA session, one person asked how do we choose which projects to work on? I think this answer should get it's own blog post.

Next, I was up for the talk about Tunir. I demoed the latest features (again, more details are coming next week). My talk slides are here.

After lunch I moved to the "Internet, Society, Community" track as Anwesha had her talk there. I managed to stay inside the room for the most part of Anivar's talk about India's fight for Netneutrality and Open Internet, but Py was crying, so I had to leave the room. Luckily she slept just before Anwesha's talk, so we managed to get back into the room. Anwesha gave her talk on a FOSS conference titled Anatomy of a Software Patent for a foss developer. I am sure she will write more about it in her blog.

From 4PM I had my "Python3 101" workshop. There were many newcomers in the workshop, so I tried to explain basic things more. We saw few differences between Python 2, and Python 3. At the end of the workshop we wrote our own "ls" replacement in Python. Below is a picture few students who came down from Dubai to attend FOSSASIA, they participated in my workshop along with their teacher.