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dgplug summer training student Suraj Deshmukh

  • Your name (blog/twitter) and what do you do

Name: Suraj Deshmukh

Twitter: @surajd_

Blog: https://deshmukhsuraj.wordpress.com/

What I do: I work as an Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat

  • How did you learn about the training?

From Chandan Kumar, when he was attending an event at my college.

  • How this training changed (if at all) your life?

It has entirely changed the course of my life. It paved a way into open-source for me. It helped me get a job at Red Hat. I found people with similar interests. I found people whom I can talk geeky stuff with ;). I learnt things that you otherwise learn the hard way. It wouldn't have had possible without training. I learnt how to get into community and start doing things, in a way made me confident enough to ask things on mailing lists. It has shown me how can you help others by writing code. Before training I just knew things by their name never got a chance or say push to start things but being in training helped me do that. And most of all I made friends for my life.

  • Have you contributed to any upstream project(s)? If yes, then details.

Before joining Red Hat, I have been contributing to Project Scapy and Openstack as a part of my job I contribute to project called as AtomicApp which is a sub-project of Project Atomic.

  • Any tips for the next batch of participants.

What I would like to say to new participants is that #dgplug is a ladder to reach open-source world and do stuff that really interests you, where you can hack with stuff and you are free to do things you like. And believe me, when you do things that you like without bothering if you are getting paid just for the sake of your passion, someday you will be paid to live your passion. Final word: get along with the training learn things, ask questions and start contributing to open-source project.