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Fedora 24 Cloud/Atomic test day tomorrow

Tomorrow we are going to have a test day for Fedora 24 Cloud/Atomic images. The details of the event can be found in the wiki page. We also setup an event in the testdays application, this is where you can see all the tests we want to tryout, you can also submit results into the same place.

What do you need to participate in this test day?

A recent Fedora system, where you can download the latest nightly builds for Fedora 24. If you have access to any Openstack or other cloud IAAS system where you can upload the image, and boot an instance, that will also do. In case you have vagrant setup in Mac or on Windows, you can download the corresponding vagrant-virtualbox.box image, and boot an instance.

Where to find us or place for getting any help?

We will be online at #fedora-test-day IRC channel in the freenode server.

Come and join us to make Fedora 24 a great release.