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Fedora Cloud SIG update from 2014/11/05

This post will give you a quick overview of the things from Fedora Cloud SIG meeting (and few other things) on 2014-11-05.

The meeting started with a discussion for a bug related to Fedora Atomic image where it was told that docker binary is missing. After digging into the issue we figured out that it was the Cloud Base image and also found for some odd reason the Atomic image was not pushed to the Fedora mirrors. We have a rel-eng ticket for the same. In future I will keep an eye for the releases availability from the Fedora mirrors.

There is an article on the state of the Cloud SIG waiting for the availability of the Atomic images. jzb will publish it on next Tuesday (most probably).

There was also a longer discussion related to tests days for Atomic images. Again jzb will do the official announcement but most probably it will be on the next Thursday.

I also updated the SIG about the current process of releasing Fedora images on Docker, lsm5 is doing it manually. We all agreed that it will be nice to use official koji builds into that same manual process.

We also discussed about participating in OpenShift Commons. This (Openshift Commons) may be helpful to coordinate on efforts related to docker and atomic and package origin v3 back in the distro.