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Fedora Cloud SIG update from 2014/11/19

Last week roshi mailed the new release criteria to the test list. Not much reply in that thread. He will bring this point again to the QA meeting on next Monday (2014-11-24). We also need more hands for testing the images. If you want to help please ping us in the #fedora-cloud channel on freenode.

Today is the Project Atomic testday. You can find more details about it here.

jzb will publish the magazine story on Fedora Cloud. It is ready and will be pushed very soon.

During the openfloor, dustymabe informed that he will be going to the Digital Ocean office and get some more information on how easily we can have released Fedora Cloud images there.

I have updated my worknotes so that anyone can run my small test suite. You will find more details in this link.

I will be working as FESCO liaison from the Fedora Cloud SIG, my first duty is to update the Governance page with the current team members.

On a side note, the third meeting of the CentOS Cloud SIG will happen at around 3pm today, meet us at #centos-devel. The log from the last meeting is already available.