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Fedora updates & /me and my friends

From the time I got a broadband connection, I always tried to do "yum update" regularly. I tried packages from rawhide only once or twice. My friends complained me before on Fedora updates, the new packages had a tendency to break the stuffs. Now I am telling shouting the same thing. The updates are not working most of the time. If I install the same updates freshly on a Fedora 8 system , they work really cool but if we have a old F8 box and then try to update it then many stop working in the way they were supposed to do. Same result goes for the packages from Livna too. I don't remember all the names as I formated my system and did a new install. The names I having with me now :


recordmydesktop (gtk-recordMyDesktop)

Kino (from livna )

Kmail (Volker was also confused on this:p )