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First January Fedora meetup in Pune

Last Friday we had the first Fedora meetup in January here in Pune. This was the first of the many upcoming meetups/workshops. The venue for this meetup was moved to Sayan's apartment as we never found a free meeting room in the local Red Hat office, and as it seems that we will continue to use the same venue for the future meetups.

I thought we will have around 8 people for the meetup, but we ended in having 18 people. This is pretty good as we spread the news of the event only in few places. There were 4 Fedora Ambassadors present in this meet, /me, Sayan, Praveen Kumar, and Siddesh. The day started with an introduction of all the participants. We found many first timers in the group. Next /me and Siddhesh explained about programming in FOSS in general, and why it is important to stick to any project while contributing.

As our first technical talk, Sayan explained his bugyou project. This is a new service in the Fedora Infrastructure which listens to any failed test runs in Autocloud, and files appropriate bugs in the system. He is coming up with a blog post with more details. Next I explained the Automated testing of the cloud/atomic images in Fedora. We went through few basic tests we have. Most people agreed that this can be a good starting point for any new contributor who is willing to write some Python 3 code :).

Because we never had any projector, couple of us went to my apartment in the floor above, and brought down the TV. Praveen Kumar then started his hands on session about Ansible. He demoed how to have Apache installed, and configured on any system. After that all participants wrote their own playbook to copy a file to a predefined location in their system.

At the end we discussed about what kind hands on sessions people want. In general we will be having 1 or 2 talks for 1 hour at max, and the next 2-3 hours should be hands on session where everyone will work on what they want. Our next meetup is on 22nd January, from 5pm onwards. We have a request to discuss rpm packaging, Python 2 to 3 migration, and a special session on C programming from our in house glibc hacker.