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FOSSASIA 2014 (Event Report)

This was my first FOSSASIA. The event was in Phonm Penh, Cambodia. We reached the city one day before the event. The night before the event there was a pre-event meetup with the speakers and volunteers. There were 71 speakers from 21 different countries. Met few old friends after long time and made some new friends.

I spent the most of the night in room 317 with Praveen and Gnokii preparing the demo during my talk.

Day one started with a packed house. We all were in the top hall. Mario and Dang Hong Phuc gave an introduction about the whole event. After that there were many talks from the projects. I want to mention two talks from there. In one talk the Swedish Ambassador Anna Maj Hultgård talked about ideas Sweden stand for and all the freedom aspects in life. It is great to see her on twitter.

Cat Allman from Google talked about past, present and future of GSOC. "Teaching mailing list etiquettes to students" is very important and her slides proved that again. You can share Mbuf's presentation on the same to the new people.

Kate Chapman's talk on OSM was also important for the students. Later in her workshops and talks she demoed lot of things in full details.

Fedora team had a room at the end of hallway and we started our talks there. Gnokii gave some nice introduction to Fedora project, Tunta's talk was also in the same pace. My talk was about testing Fedora cloud images in Eucalyptus cloud. You can find the slides online.

If you want to see the actual steps and output, download and install this tool in your Fedora 20 system. You can use this tarball and install it or install playitagainsam using pip tool.

Then download this json file and run the tool like below.

$ pias play fedora_eucalyptus.json

Press any key and see the magic. You have to press enter for real life enter events though :D

On second day I gave my talk on "Document your code", slides are here.

Spent many hours talking with other speakers, talks continued to the after event parties, one such was in a boat on the river. It was good to see that many speakers already tried previous versions of Eucalyptus. I talked more about current features of Eucalyptus.

Last day of the event was in Open Institute. We had a Fedora workshop sessions there. People were introduced to the different parts of the project. We found our first ambassadors from Cambodia. From India 3 people also started their journey with Fedora. I introduced gpg and ssh to the people and we had a small key signing party in the same place.

The total experience of FOSSASIA is good, it was meant to be a place to meet fellow developers and discuss and hack on new things. I was happy to meet Praveen Patil in this event. He will be become a good contributor in Fedora Project just like Sarup started doing these days. I also learned a few things from him about Expeyes project.

I should thank Mario and Hong Phuc and all other volunteers of the event to make it a grand one. You can find all the photos from the event in my flickr set.