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FOSS.IN 2005

My whole student life, I waited to be the part of such a event like FOSS.IN 2005. Now the dream come true.. and next level is ready to reach. For the last couple of months, waiting for this event, and now waiting for the next year's :)

Got a chance to inaugurate the event.. and get into it . In the opening ceremony, Atul's speech was wonderful, it seems that Rabindranath Tagore wrote those lines for the FOSS community from the beginning. As Alan Cox told in his last slide(which is the first talk of the event) that it is the beginning for some people who start their journey in FOSS.

Then came Danese Cooper.I heard about her, saw the pictures, just like other FOSS GOD & GODDESSES. Her speech was extremely energetic & full of motivation. People got inner urge to reach some destination, but when you listen a speech like that, your engine will fire like a rocket. She told to throw ourselves in front of rail, which I do always. May be it seems very painful (some time it is), but the result will be the best.

Then started to look around all the ground. This is first time I met Indranil Dasgupta. The names I watched in different pages, lists, got a chance to meet those people face to face. What a experience!!! I met Till in the same morning, he is such a beautiful person In the night, went out with Indranil da, took some print outs & came back home after midnight.

Next day, started with Jonathan Corbet's talk "A Linux Kernel Roadmap". It gave a clear idea what is going on there.

Then quickly moved into ballroom hall. The rest of the morning session, I was there. As Danese started asking about different problems & answers about "Women in FOSS", people gave some real input. (By the way, she took great note of those in her laptop & in paper at the time of Sulamita's talk) Sulamita gave her first talk in English. Another good talk. Wish to send these slides to our junis in dgplug. We have more active girls in our group than boys. That session surely going to help us to face the real world problems. Talked with Zaheda, and she said that she will try to help us in Durgapur to spread FOSS in schools.

In the next half of the day, I participated in Python BOF. I want to write program for my nokia 7710 myself. Sirtaj ji told me python may be a better way to do that. I want to thank Mr. Swaroop C H for his wonderful book on Python. (just received a sms from Praveen that foss education meet is on saturday in PESIT)

Third day started with Andrew Cowie's talk.

The next was Till's KOLAB. It can be a very good replacement in our company where we use the M company's system (so sad!!!). As Danese told, I already stared to put the replacement funda to manager's brain(though it is a corporate decision). After finishing both of his talk on KOLAB & Kontact, Till spent a lot of time behind me. I was pinging him with lots of questions , and he gave the answers coolly. He is such a nice person. I joined the Kolab team, will hack the web client. Till asked Atul, to arrange a kolab server for KDE.IN in which I can do my work too.

Danese took yet another breaking workshop on "How to gave a Foss presentation". Here got a chance to learn about different common mistakes we made. Here I gave a lighting talk on "How to ask 4 days leave from your manager for FOSS". People really laughed at that time. After finishing, Danese's review gave some more charge in my battery.

Last day was again full of excitement. I gave my talk and got very useful feedbacks. Attended Kolab BOF (and missed KDE.IN BOF later) . Later in the night, did a small joke with Alan, Joy & Till asked me to go to Alan and ask him to take my picture. I did that!!! And Alan took a nice picture of mine. Some more pics..

Till & Zaheda