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FUDCon day 1

So, writing this post while the day 2 of FUDCon Pune already started.

Day 1 was wonderfully smooth, which I personally never thought will go in such nice way. Registration desk is being handled by multiple people, so even when there were many people standing for the registration , it never looked too many as volunteers handled them nicely. .

Jared Smith gave the opening keynote (which he actually modified in the night before so that the students can understand well). Students were really excited to see him face to face and many students came back later on to ask various questions directly to him.  You can watch his talk here.

I generally keep running around in any conference taking photos but this time I spent more time with the computer do things. Jared  helped to fix various issues in the my python book (pym) and he did the commits. The time when I started writing this book , he is instrumental with all related publican/docbook help.

Arun Sag had too many participants in the linux workshop.

I spent most of the second half of the day in speakers lounge working on getting my code out for the hackfest in day 3. I will write another blog later on the day with details of it.

We also did a small key signing party in speakers lounge, btw, I have a new key 9DD5346D

You can view the FUDCon Pune live here.