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FUDCon KL day 2 and day 3

Day 2 started with a talk from Joshua Wulf about the Fedora book written by the attendees. The idea seems to easy enough for the newbies to contribute but still they will require a bit knowledge of docbook I think.

Rest of the first half was spent discussing package Lisp modules in Fedora with Christoph Wickert. Now I am going to setup a repo with all the packages so that people can play around with them.

During lunch time I met another fellow Red Hatter, Luc de Louw. Lunch table discussions went on about various other FUDCons and funny incidents in them. The lighting talks session went really well. People submitted various ideas and started demoing various projects. While CWickert was showing LXDE, I decided to try it out and still now the performance looks amazing, though there are few small things needs to fixed.

The cloud talk by CWickert was hilarious. After the day finished we slowly moved to the hotel and FUDPub was supposed to start from 8pm in the same hotel. The food was nice and cake was delicious.

The number of attendees in the day 3 was smaller compared to the last two days. I had my talk on Darkserver in the morning. We had some good discussion about the future roadmap of the project during the talk. You can find the slides here. There was another good talk on various create applications available in FOSS world. In the second half of the day we decided to put up the talks and workshops for voting as number of people was less. I went ahead to do the python workshop as planned. Abu Mansur Manaf gave the ending keynote which should boost the newbies to become contributors.

Spent the evening in the hotel room discussing various functional programming languages and features of the languages and darkserver roadmap with hircus. Later in the night went out for dinner with the rest of the event crew members to a local food joint. Stayed up for the rest of the night as we had catch an early morning flight back to India.

Met many old friends and made many new ones, long discussions on project ideas, great food, sleep for only few hours everyday, this event was full on. The last FUDCon in India and this one, a large portion of the audience are total newbies and I hope they got good ideas on how to start contribute. My personal goals were to find new contributors for darkserver project and discuss the packaging ideas with CWickert and both went well.