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FUDCon Pune day 2

Group shot in FUDCon Pune 2011

Day 2 started in a slow motion, everyone was kind of sleepy in the hotel. Harish started the day with his talk on community. The students started coming in during his talk, I guess 9am was a bit too early for most of them.

Interested students moved in the talks they wanted to attend. Siddesh had all his talks almost filled up by the students, He gave 3 different talks one after another and people really loved how easily he went into details of gdb. Ankur gave 4 talks in the day :)

I attended Jared’s talk on docbook and publican , he used my book as an example in the talk. in 2008 he only convinced me to use publican for the book and did lot of ground work and fixing for me.

The FUDPub in the evening was a crazy party , people kept dancing all over until the music was stopped. Photos and videos will be up later next week.

Right now Siddesh is working autotoolizing the glib based qpid library I am writing, /me and Jared are working on the pym.