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KDE.IN started

With the gr8 enthu by Ananth, Till, Taj , Pradeepto & others KDE.IN started. Its a gr8 news for us. In the next KDE hope there will be an Indian team made software. The letter from TAJ::

Hi folks,

I am proud to announce the formal launch of the KDE India project and website http://in.kde.org/ - more news of the launch on the Dot at http://dot.kde.org/1134244310/ Thanks to the hard work of Ananth, Pradeepto and Till we are now full members of the KDE family.

On a personal level I'm really thrilled that this has happened, and immensely grateful to you, our founding members. It was lovely to meet you all at FOSS.IN and hope that each of us treats this group as their own.

Regards, thanks and welcome to KDE.in!