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lekhonee-gnome 0.9.1 is released

I am happy to announce the release of lekhonee-gnome 0.9.1 . You can download the source or check for koji builds for F12 or F13. New features are like:

  • Supports multiple Wordpress accounts
  • Tabbed UI for different modes
  • Now supports adding <br> tag using tool button
  • Preview mode (more details on this below)
  • Advertisement message is disabled for this release
  • Stopped segfault(s) in couple of corner cases
  • Supports <video> and <audio> tags in Visual and preview mode (you may have to write the details in HTML mode)
  • Can watch youtube videos in Preview mode (not an actual feature :p )
So the main two new features are multiple account handling and Preview mode. In the preview mode you can see how the post will look like in your blog with the theme you are having. To fetch the blog style please click on the small download style/theme button in the toolbar (this button will only come in the toolbar if you don't have cached theme downloaded in your system), though you need internet connection for this mode to work.