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Mukti 11.2 at NIT Durgapur

We reached Durgapur around 3:30AM on Friday, woke up by 6AM due to the really cold temperature. The inauguration event started few hours late and after that Mether started doing his RPM workshop.

My workshop started after 6:30PM , around 60+ students. Started with basics of python as a language. I did this workshop slowly so that everyone can pick the things we were discussing. 

Next day morning my second session started from 10AM and in the afternoon I had my PyGtk workshop in the lab. After finishing talking for more than 6 hours did the final talk for the night with the first year students. Total time I spoke was more than 7 hours , which is a record for me :)

3rd day again started at 10AM and I was surprised to see more than 30 students in the seminar hall where I was doing the python workshops. We discussed in details various modules in python and also discussed about projects for the students.

Generally I don't get many mails from the students after the workshops or even if they do mail , they don't continue. But here I found  3 students still continuing. I hope at least one of them will be able his/her journey in the path of freedom.  

Photos can be found here. Will update the post with flickr set when I upload there.

UPDATE: flickr set can be found here.