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My first step to the real world

May be these are not the right words to describe today’s experience.  But I feel in that way only. Let me talk about something I learned today.

Suppose you own a school, and you want to do the management in e-way. Though you have enough money, but you can’t spend them as salary to hire good computer guys, so what you decide is to hire few consultants, some M$ guys etc. Now those will build some app with some backend database.  Now you may ask some other company to help you to manage all these e-things. So, you will have some meeting with all those guys, then company people will say  that they can not do anything with the database because there is no primary key in most of the tables, and your guys will reply that they can add it with some queries. As you are running such big school, you will certainly have some good/cool guys, who will understand the problem but will not be able solve the problems.

Today’s Comment:

All these problems may look like technical, but they are not . These  are only human problem…