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openpcd hack..

So, the best thing this time in foss.in is the starting of my embedded work. Openpcd is a nice work from Milosch, Brita & Harald. Yesterday from 4pm me & Milosch was trying to make my laptop configured properly so that I can start wokring on the openpcd board that Milosch presented me :) And it took 8 hours (with 2 hours for dinner) to fix it. Now it is a only 3 minute job. So, here is the procedure:

First make sure that you do a modprobe usbserial. Now first I am going to fix my laptop as the host:

tar -xjvf librfid-1929.tar.bz2 mv librfid librfid.host cd librfid.host/ mcedit src/Makefile.am //////delete -lopenct from there ./autogen.sh ./configure --without-openct --prefix=/usr/local/openpcd make su -c "make install"

Now I have to fix my librfid for the firmware:

tar -xjvf librfid-host.tar.bz2 make cd .. tar -xjvf openpcd-firmware-274.tar.bz2 find firmware -exec touch {} ; ls cd host/ make ls -l cd .. tar -xjvf librfid-1929.tar.bz2 mv librfid librfid.firm cd librfid.firm/ export CFLAGS="-I/usr/include -DLIBRFID_FIRMWARE" export CC=arm-elf-gcc export PATH=/usr/local/gnuarm-4.0.2/bin:$PATH ./autogen.sh ./configure --without-openct --host=arm-elf --with-firmware=/home/kd/build/openpcd/firmware make cd ../firmware/ mcedit Makefile (((((((((((((((Please point LIBRFID to the correct directory)))))))))) make DEBUG=1 BOARD=PCD TARGET=main_reqa ls -l su -c "/usr/local/openpcd/bin/dfu-programmer openpcd dfu_dnload main_reqa.bin" su -c "/usr/local/openpcd/bin/dfu-programmer openpcd dfu_dnload main_reqa.bin"

And it is done.. My first experience with good C :P