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Python development on 4th October

Issue #16130: Typo fixed in whats new in 3.4

Issue #16126: PyErr_Format format mismatch in _testcapimodule.c PyErr_Format in Modules/_testcapimodule.c uses illegal format specifier (%s) for Py_ssize_t argument. It causes crash.

Issue #16112: platform.architecture does not correctly escape argument to /usr/bin/file. Fix original patch Files changed:

  • Lib/platform.py

Issue #15488: Buffered IO now frees the buffer when closed, instead of when deallocating. So now closed files will keep their buffer alive. Files changed:

  • Modules/_io/bufferedio.c
  • Lib/test/test_io.py

long_to_decimal_string_internal() doesn't need to write the final NULL character Files changed:

  • Objects/longobject.c

unicode_result_wchar(): move the assert() to the "#ifdef Py_DEBUG" block Files changed:

  • Objects/unicodeobject.c

Split the huge PyUnicode_Format() function (+540 lines) into subfunctions Files changed:

  • Objects/unicodeobject.c

PyUnicode_Format(): disable overallocation when we are writing the last part of the output string Files changed:

  • Objects/unicodeobject.c

Unicode: resize_compact() and resize_inplace() fills also the Unicode strings with invalid bytes in debug mode, as done by PyUnicode_New() Files changed:

  • Objects/unicodeobject.c