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Python development on 8th October

Use setUpClass() and tearDownClass() in test_multiprocessing.

Each manager test class now uses a separate manager. Also, process pools are no longer created before starting any tests.

Note that warnings are written if the manager for a test case still has live objects when it is shutdown. This is true for a few test cases which fail to wait for all child processes to end. Files changed: - Lib/test/test_multiprocessing.py

Make mp_main an alias for main in all processes to simplify pickling of classes defined in main module Files changed: - Lib/multiprocessing/init.py - Lib/multiprocessing/init.py

Issue #14783: Improve int() docstring and also str(), range(), and slice().

This commit rewrites the docstring for int() to incorporate the documentation changes made in issue #16036. It also switches the docstrings for int(), str(), range(), and slice() to use multi-line signatures. Files changed: - Doc/library/functions.rst - Objects/longobject.c - Objects/rangeobject.c - Objects/sliceobject.c - Objects/unicodeobject.c

Issue #16120: Use |yield from| in stdlib One more patch to use |yield from|. Files changed: - Lib/pkgutil.py