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Second Fedora Pune meetup in January

On 22nd of January evening we had the second Fedora meetup in Pune. There were 12 participants in this meet. We started a discussion about what happens when someone compiles a program written in C. Siddhesh started asking various questions about what do we think? He then started going into details for each steps into compiler, and assembler. We discussed about ELF files, went through various sections. After looking into __init, __fini, __main functions one of the participant said "my whole life was a lie!" :D No one thought about constructor, and destructor in a C program.

We also discussed about for loops in C, and in Python, and about list comprehensions. One more new point to me was that there are 6 registers available for each function call in x86. At the end the participants decided to find bugs/features in different projects they use regularly (we also suggested about Gnome apps), first everyone will try to fix those at home, and if they can not fix by next meeting, we will look into helping them during the meeting.