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Shonku, a static blogging tool

I moved my blog into a static blog more than a year back using Nikola. It was a good move, writing was simple again. I spend more time in writing my blogs than thinking about formating or themes. But someplace back in my mind I was still looking for something even simpler. May be a minimalistic Nikola.

Just before PyCon US I started writing a new tool with this approach. I named it after Professor Shonku, my childhood hero. His logs from his diary was the source of the all stories :)

Shonku is written in golang, still many issues needs to be fixed but it can be used. I moved my blog into shonku few weeks back and things seems to be normal.

  • Posts in Markdown
  • Can have themes

The above two are the initial features I kept in mind while developing it. You can see a different theme here, the source of the theme can be found here.

The documentation will require more love. I am working on it slowly. The building/installation instructions work nicely, if you find any issue or want to make any feature request, please file an issue in github.

To try it out you can download a binary or build it from the source.

$ sha256sum shonku.bin

82476d8e4006da88bf09e1333597f8c0c1a31b3ddf2281aae54ee51e4eb43469 shonku.bin