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The Bad Thing (TM) of mixing up one group & another group's event

It is really bad when people mix up with two entire different groups, or call one group’s event by another group’s name.

I am the coordinator of Linux User group of Durgapur (dgplug). We started this group few years back with the intention of keeping it open for all. We do not work for any college, though most of the LUG members are from Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College and we had our meetings there only.

There is another LUG in Durgapur for the students of NIT Durgapur. That LUG is a internal group of NIT Durgapur students. Now suddenly one guy from that college, in his SoC application wrote that their annual linux based event MUKTI (which is again not a community based event) is organised by Linux User group of Durgapur, and Linux User Group of Durgapur is formed by NIT students.

I made a reply to that application saying that we, “Linux User Group of Durgapur”, is entirely different body and has no association with MUKTI of NIT Durgapur. We don’t conduct any closed event. We exist and work for the FOSS movement only. As our group members are working so hard for the Bijra project , it is not going to happen that someone else will show up from from no-where and claiming our work as their.

A same kind of situation is happening for the ILUG-CAL also. Some (don’t know how much stable) people suddenly came out with a site started claiming that they are ILUG-CAL. I started working with the ILUG-CAL members from the beginning of my FOSS life. Now those idiots are simply trying to steal the identity, respect of ILUG-CAL. ILUG-CAL is always open for everyone and will be. But if someone want to takeover the whole movement with some false identity , we are not going to sit & relax at home………