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The journey back to Bangalore

This is the story of my come back journey to India :)

The night before I spend at CCC Berlin up-to 2.00AM with Milosch. After getting back to home, Milosch went for a small nap (I saw him working 22hours a day for the last couple of days). I was checking the mails, made some call to home and friends in India. He called up a taxi, and I reached airport at around 4.35AM. The stuffs said check-in will start after 5.30 only. so, tried to figure out from where I can get the Tax back for the stuffs I bought last day.

After 5.30 the check-in started, I put a bag in. Had my laptop & other electronic stuffs in my hand baggage only . At the time of security checking , they asked me to take my laptop and the external hdd with me for a special check. The guard asked me if I know about that checking or not. I replied “No”. So, he told me that it is a special check to find bombs. He took me a small room, and asked me to open my laptop. Then they cleaned it with a vacuum cleaner, I was very happy with that as I never cleaned my keyboard in the last two months :) They also checked the external hard-disk in a strange way. At the end they gave me a clear signal . Later in Bangalore Airport I understood they also broke my lock and never sealed it anyway.

In Bangalore airport the great Custom officers asked me to hand them the OpenPCD board or pay Rs. 2500/- only. I told them to check my bank account, if they can find any money, they can take it. Then the amount came down to Rs.1000/- , I said no way. After 45 minutes of fighting, they gave up , and I successfully came back home :)