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Upcoming dgplug summer training

So by the end of this month the 7th edition of dgplug summer training will start. Last year we had around 60 registered students and around 30-40 were attending the sessions on IRC regularly.

This year we made the registration even simpler, with a simple google form and did more publicity around it. Community members and students from previous years spread the news as soon as I announced. The response is huge. We already have 400+ registrations. We are hoping to see at least 50% of them to be online in the sessions on IRC.

But this big number also means we will have to be more organized. Last year we introduced many news automation systems within the course which worked well. This year we are going to add a few more into it.

As this course happens on IRC and mailing list is the primary medium of communication, we spend a lot of time in teaching about these mediums. The first few sessions will go slower but it should pick up speed after 2-3 sessions.