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Writing blog posts

I always wanted to write more, but I did not. Last year I spent some time thinking why I don't. One of the major reason used to be formatting but that issue was solved with my markdown based posts. Markdown is much easier and I can concentrate on the content rather than formatting. But I am still not writing enough.

I generally use vim to write my blog posts in a terminal but I do press Alt+Tab many times to move to the other windows (mostly browser) to read other random things. For me it is much easier to concentrate while writing code but not that easy to do while writing a blog post. That is why it generally takes a lot more time to write a blog post. While discussing this with my friend over phone a simple term came up self discipline or the lack of it in my case. As I wrote before, I can do this well for programming or reading but not that good when writing things on a computer.

What I am planning (with a great hope) is to move out of X for writing the blog posts. I will have only one terminal and nothing else at that time. This is still an idea and I have to do that for some time before judging if it is a good idea or not. May be it will work, may be it will not.

Right now I am writing this post in Evernote in my super old iPad. Applications in any such device is nice in that way, by default you can run only one app at one time. This will help you to concentrate in an easier way. Of course there are apps like ia writer which focuses on distraction free writing (or sublime text in distraction free mode in desktop), one can try those too. I am yet to spend enough time in writing to come to a conclusion.

I would prefer to use my mechanical keyboards any given day. May be that is why I am superbly excited about the Hemingwrite device. Less than 36 hours and it exceeded the kickstarter goal. I can see why so many people are so excited about this device. Though I have to wait till next September to get one.

Please share your ideas on the same in the comments. I really want to know how people managed to solved this issue.