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Yet Another Accident

Yesterday early morning around 6.20AM I heard noise from a open tap in the kitchen. As there is a shortage of water in Pune, water comes only for 2.30 hours in the morning. So, I went to kitchen to close the tap and slipped as water overflowed to everywhere. Saved my body mostly with both hands but the head came down very fast and the chin hit the floor very hard. I stood up and figured out blood everywhere. Stopped the blood using my tee only.

Ran to the Noble Hospital’s emergency room. They started cleaning the blood and gave the initial first aid. Went for X-ray and after they said nothing broken stitching started. Total 5 stitches and 4 injections :( Btw, this hospital is better than the ones I went in Bangalore if you compare the service and care for the patients.

Can not even laugh as it pains a lot and doctor said stitches may break if I laugh :(

From today morning feeling pain on the sides of both hands.

I don’t know why all these strange accidents happen to me always. After every few months something happens.

Also few nights back almost hit an elephant while returning to home from office at night, thought I will overtake it easily but a speeding car from the other direction changed the story. Luckily brake worked on time and stopped just few inches behind the elephant.

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