Status update from Fedora Cloud WG

July 13th, 2015

Working Group

Updates from Fedora 22

Vagrant box

"official" Vagrant box that developers can use to spin up images. Users can choose a Vagrant box for Fedora 22 Atomic Host and Fedora 22 Cloud base edition.

Fedora Dockerfiles

github repo

Updates github repo along with rpm package for the same. 40+ different dockerfiles in that repository.


Simple CI which can work on a developer laptop, helped us to do fast testing of the cloud images.

Atomic Improvements

a number of interesting improvements, including the Atomic command, updated Docker, Kubernetes, Flannel, and rpm-ostree packages.

Updated Docker images

F22 docker image on the docker hub.

Upcoming changes for Fedora 23


is a small tool to download and boot cloud images locally.

Layered Docker Image Build Service

This change will deploy the build service to support building and delivering a set of layered Docker images, and will enable Fedora contributors to create and maintain Dockerfiles from which those images will be generated.


a system daemon that manages network configurations. It detects and configures network devices as they appear. We want to remove the old scripts which maintain the networking in the images.

Cloud MOTD

The users will get the details about any pending security updates in any cloud instance after logging in. Will use dnf-automatic package for the same. It already has a MOTD emitter.

Two Week Atomic

updated host images for Fedora atomic in every two weeks.



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