Interview of Alexander Schmehl (debian)
Posted: 2007-06-06T02:58:04+05:30

Alexander Tolimar Schmehl lives in Hildesheim / Germany. He’s an official Debian Developer. Beside maintaining various packages, his main task is being spokesman and event organizer of the Debian project. You can find the video here .


Interview of T2
Posted: 2007-06-02T14:43:11+05:30

T2 SDE is not just a common Linux distribution - it is a flexible Open Source System Development Environment or Distribution Build Kit (some might even name it Meta Distribution …). T2 allows the creation of custom distributions with bleeding edge technology, up-to-date packages and integrated support for cross compilation. Currently the Linux kernel is normally used - but we are expanding to Minix, Hurd, OpenDarwin and OpenBSD - more to come.

You can find the video here .


Interview of Amarok team
Posted: 2007-06-02T12:20:54+05:30

Amarok is the music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before - and looks good doing it.

Here is an interview of the Amarok team. :)


Interview of Jan Wildeboer on OLPC
Posted: 2007-06-01T15:33:08+05:30

In this video Jan talked about the OLPC system.

Check it here .


Interview of Sebastian Kugler on KDE 4
Posted: 2007-06-01T10:34:20+05:30

This is the second interview I did. Sebastian Kugler (K Desktop Environment e.V.) talked about upcoming KDE 4.

You can see it here.


In Berlin :)
Posted: 2007-05-29T03:17:03+05:30

Reached today morning :)

Not feeling that I am here for the first time . don’t know why !!

Tomorrow morning, will go to the hotel. Feeling really sleepy now. Off to bed. Photos here


Nerdy test
Posted: 2007-03-09T15:28:02+05:30

For me:

10% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 90% scored lower (less nerdy).


Going to Calicut
Posted: 2007-03-01T05:25:00+05:30

Check the site


Blogger was down
Posted: 2007-03-01T04:20:00+05:30

Today blogger was down for few minutes :(


After Many days
Posted: 2007-02-27T05:06:00+05:30

So, back in writing :) Many things happened in between. Horizon07 went well, after Rahul’s talk teachers of the college came to us to know more about Fedora :) Lawgon’s workshop also went well. You can find the pictures here. Also a small video of the event.

Update: the video is too bad, will ask someone else to edit that :(


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