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A new tool to render my blog


Back in 2013, I wrote Shonku in golang. It helped me in two important things:

  • Having a static blogging tool which works (worked for the last 5 years).
  • To help me to learn basics on golang.

Now, I think it worked for me. I could focus on writing the actual content of the posts than anything else. The tool has a few flaws, but, none of them had any issue with my blogging requirements. It just worked for me. I could have written it in Python (in much less time), but, learning a new language is always fun.

new new

As I am trying to write more and more Rust, I decided to write a new tool in Rust and use that for my blog https://kushaldas.in.

This is very initial code, and you can easily figure out that I still don’t know how to write more idiomatic Rust yet. However, this works. The last couple of the posts were made using this tool, and I also regenerated the whole site in between.

The cargo build --release command takes time, at the same time the release binary is insanely fast.