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Day 0 of travel for Flock 2015

My actual travel started two days back when I went to Mumbai from Pune on a train. There is some road blocks in the express way, that is why I chose the train. I stayed in IITB, and took the flight to Washington DC later at night. The flight was okay, but I wish the total journey time reduce to less than 16 hours :)

It took more than 50 minutes to get my luggage, Jared was waiting in front of the arrival gate, I also met his daughter Sydney for the first time. We started the next course of the journey as soon as possible. Jared is the designated driver for the trip, so I just had sit, and relax in the car.

Jared and Sydney

After crossing into Maryland from Virginia, it took us few hours to reach Gettysburg, where we stopped for dinner. I was very excited to learn that on our way we were very near of T.C. Williams high school. May be I will get a chance to visit it in future. The dinner place in Gettysburg is actually the oldest historic home in the town, Dobbin House Tavren. It was built in 1776. The food was really good, I never had that good Apple Pie before in my life. After dinner we spent couple of minutes in one of the battlefields, beside the field there was the famous Cemetery where Lincon gave the Gettysburg Address. We drove another few hours to reach Willamsport where we are staying for the night. The next part of the journey will start in some time, but only after some breakfast :)