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Day 1 of Flock 2015

So it is on. After looking so many known faces all around that is the thought came in my mind. Got myself registered first, then started taking more portraits so that I can match the faces with the IRC nicks :)

The day started with Ruth welcoming all of us, and the Matthew took over the stage. His keynote had slides full of graphs. He talked about our goal, and how we can map those back into actual TODO things. There will be more updates on the same from council. Remi later thanked the local tech groups who helped us to get few last minute things done.

Next I moved into Dennis' talk on "Fedora Release Engineering going forward". There were long discussions about various things we can do to make process simpler. Having a stable rawhide is also part of points came up. Package signing was another topic, Nick said he will pass around the details about the project/people who are helping the signing pypi packages.

"Containers don't contain." -- Dan Walsh's talk on docker security reminded us of the issues we can have in container world. The best way to run the containers is to use vm(s), and then put the related type of containers in the same vm. He also reminded how containers can attack each other. One of the new thing coming up is the Seccomp, the way to eliminate system call abilities. I also found the new container coloring book in the same. Mo you rock!!!

During lunch I met Arun Sag after 2 years. Good to see the old friends again, sadly no pink slippers for him this time. Gholms helped me to understand the meta-data service in a better way. Btw, did I mention that the lunch was amazing? I went out with Fche for a walk to the riverside, discussed about darkserver, and ABI.

After lunch next talk I attended is about spreading Fedora in schools, I want to talk about it later in a separate blog post.

"What does Red Hat want?" the talk from Denise Dumas (VP of Platform Engineering Red Hat) had all the points about why I love to call Fedora/Red Hat my family. She talked slowly, and explained why Red Hat puts community greater than itself. I will post the link to the video of her talk when it will be published. I think everyone should watch her talk at least once. This will help to reduce many (fictional) frictions we get time to time.

Fedora Engineering team had a team dinner in "The Old Toad". Following Luke for Yorkshire Pudding was a very good decision. Later at night Patrick helped me to design an authentication method which I will be using in the coming days.