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Day 1 of travel for Flock 2015

Yesterday was the second, and final day of travel for Flock. We started our journey from the small town of Williamspor, and continued on US 15 towards New York. The view was gorgeous as usual. The "Text stop" signboards were something completely new for me :)

The state of New York welcomed us with similar kind of open view. We also received a friendly visit from a state police. The rest of the journey was uneventful. Around 1pm, I suddenly saw some big buildings up ahead, Jared confirmed that we can see Rochester. Findng the hotel inside the city was not difficult, but finding the way to get into the hotel from the parking area was difficult. My roommate Pingou, was not checked in yet, so I had to provide my credit card, which of course did not have enough budget. Jared came in as saviour once again. Pingou gave a surprise visit in the afternoon, he was staying with Threebean.

Evening was full with rain, and water clogged cars, and police trying reroute the traffic inside a mall. We went out to watch "Inside Out". Later at night we went to near by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. One should try their hotest chicken wings. It is not that hot, but very tasty (I am sure Sydney will tell a different story). Came back to hotel totally drenched in the rain. Now in the morning I can feel the city slowly waking up (I am up from 4am). According to the Flock Telegram group, many will reach today.

More posts will come soon.