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Day 3 of Flock 2015

Woke up late, late enough to miss most of the morning keynote, even though I decided to skip breakfast. Spent the time talking till our "Cloud Working Group" meeting started. Brian Exelbierd took some excellent notes from the meeting. Many of the ideas/action items from the meeting are already being worked upon. While the meeting was on, I saw an urgent ping about one of our AWS accounts billing going insane. The whole team jumped into the incident in the next room, first the running instances were taken down, and passwords/tokens got changed. A more detailed look into those instances revealed that they were running due a bug in fedimg (which was already fixed in production, thanks to Ralph), just terminating them was enough to stop any more damage. The whole process once again demonstrated why I feel proud to work with such an excellent team. Sometimes (read always) being paranoid about security is important :) Anyway, I missed a big part of the cloud meeting due to this incident. But I was back before some important discussions took place.

Went out for lunch with a bunch of people from the cloud meeting room. Some good Ethopian food, but sadly not spicy enough :) After lunch, most of the time was spent on talking to many people, these hallway tracks are always the most important part of any conference. We also enjoyed the amazing ginger ale Toshio brought over from South Carolina. Later many of us moved into the docs team tooling meet, and also attended the GPG key signing party in the next room.

In the evening there was another party in the house of George Eastman :)