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Day 3 of FOSSASIA 2016

Before I write about day 3 of FOSSASIA, I want to mention about the dinner at the end of day 2. Py managed to grab the microphone, and kept speaking to it in her encrypted language. In between I was running behind her so that she does not pick up any left over drinks. But once she managed to grab someone's beer and had her first drink before we can do something.

Day 3 morning I managed to reach the venue just before the day started. We had one workshop about Telegram bots. Harish was also in the room, we got some nice participation from everyone. People tried out the live bot.

After this as the next workshop started, we moved into 2nd floor to listen to Huzaifa. In his talk he mentioned many cases where people/companies are focusing on casting buzz, and confusing FOSS users rather than just working towards fixing the vulnerabilities. Many closed source products do not even tell their users which all vulnerabilities they fixed in a released update. It was a very well received talk. I wanted to attend Lennart's Systemd workshops, but they were at the same time in morning :(

During lunch I demoed the latest features of Tunir to Lennart Even though we never discussed deep details, but he seemed to be happy with the ideas. I also managed to get a VLC chocolate :)

After lunch at 2PM few of us gathered near exhibition area for a key signing event. We all verified each other's ID(s), and the fingerprints.

At 4:30PM we all moved into the big hall for the last session of the event. Hong Phuc and Mario gave many details about how they event went. We had people are 32 different countries, 206 speakers (7 did not turn up), 1086 unique participants. FOSSASIA is going to stay in Singapore, means next year we all are coming back to this amazing country for another great event.