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Day 4 of Flock 2015

Day four of flock started at 10AM, later than the usual 9am, which was really good as everyone needed that extra hour of sleep. Though I was getting up generally around 5AM, but I managed to get enough sleep on that morning. Came down to the lobby, found people slowly moving into different rooms. I went in the SPC workshop by Dan Walsh. The session started in very informal way. As I already missed his talk on the same topic due to clash with another talk, this was my chance to catch up with updates from him. I also found more copies of "Containers coloring book", another excellent work from Mizmo and Dan's collaboration. Feel free to download, and print the PDF copy. It really explains the security ideas in layman terms.

During lunch I went out with Kevin, Patrick, and Pierre-Yves. The salad was one of the best I had, it was heavy too. Came back to the venue with a full stomach. Only Patrick's explanation about remote client authentication system made sure that I did not fall asleep. He also helped me to enable 2-factor authentication for laptop drive encryption. We had many more discussions about best practices, and how to stay paranoid about security :) He also showed me the great documentation from python-cryptography project. I will explain the use case in a future blog post.

The day ended with another trip to the Belgian beer place. After dinner, many went to more social interactions. But I chose to come back as I had to wake up early next day for the next part of my road trip.

This Flock seems to be very useful as many discussions happened, which in turn helped to resolve many open issues. We also added many new items in our TODO lists, but that is what we expect from any good conference like this one. Having the event venue in the same hotel also helped a lot, many got the required sleep in between without spending time going back and forth between venue and hotel.