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dgplug summer training is coming up

After 10 days, on 18th of June, at 7 PM, the 10th edition of the dgplug summer training will start. There are things need to be done before that. We want to have some more documentation explaining the initial pain points. We will also refresh our how to do IRC document. I am hoping to have some videos as the demo for the sessions.

Guest sessions

This year we are reaching out to much more people for guest sessions. You can find many familiar names in the list of people who already agreed. If you think you help us by sharing your experience with a group of new FOSS contributors (they are also new programmers), this can be a good place. All the sessions are over IRC, so it is fully text based. And, we also have a few bots, and a group of volunteers to help you out during the session. The sessions are generally an hour long, but go on more for much longer time, or you can split it into a few different sessions over time. Here is an example AMA session Guido did last year. If you have any particular topic in mind, feel free share your experience with all of us.

The guest sessions will happen over July/August/September. Drop me a note in case you want to join in.