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dgplug summer training student Farhaan Bukhsh

This is the second post in the series, the first post was on Sanyam Khurana.

  • Your name (blog/twitter) and what do you do

Farhaan Bukhsh

I am a 6th semester student in an engg. college in Bangalore. I attend college during day and contribute to fedora-infra rest of the time. I also intern for a company called Jnaapti. http://github.com/farhaanbukhsh

  • How did you learn about the training?

I met Sayan during a Bangpyper meet up and I saw him wearing a dgplug t-shirt, I went home and googled about it, this is how I got to know about it. Apart from that I was following Vignesh and Bhibhas on twitter and this is how I got to know that training was going to start and I enrolled in.

  • How this training changed (if at all) your life?

It has changed the way I think about technology, I made a lot of friends, this training has given me mentors which is required for personal and technical growth.Now I don't see technologies as challenge I see them as a tool to solve problem. Dgplug has given me the confidence to be proud of who I am. Being a Geek is generally not accepted but Dgplug is a place where I am accepted for who I am. It has changed my life by 360 degrees. I am really happy that I came to know about it.

  • Have you contributed to any upstream project(s)? If yes, then details

I contribute to pagure, recently I got into the author list of pagure. I contribute to a lot of other fedora-infra projects like bodhi, nuancier etc. i have also been a contributor at Mozilla. Fedora autocloud is one of the project that I have been writing test cases for.

  • Any tips for the next batch of participants.

When going gets tough, tough gets going. Never give up, attend the training and follow what your mentor is telling you. Have faith , faith in yourself and faith in the mentor. Have a mindset of giving back to the community. Be passionate about the things you do, come with an open mind and ask as many question as you want to.Be on the channel for as long as possible. May the source be with you, Luke.

Feel free to add anything else you want to talk about.

Learn and Teach, this is what you should be taking back with you, spread the same spirit in your place, hope you have a good year