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dgplug summer training student Trishna Guha

This is the third post in this series.

  • Your name (blog/twitter) and what do you do

I am Trishna Guha (trishnag), a 6th semester B.Tech student with Computer Science and Engineering branch.

  • How did you learn about the training?

I have learned about the training from my brother Suman Guha https://twitter.com/sumanguha.

  • How this training changed (if at all) your life?

This training has changed my life entirely. I started the training as a newbie. I took part in the training attentively and tried to learn and implement what all have been taught in the summer training. After few months I really could feel the change. I jotted down the skills those I didn't used to have before the training and it felt so awesome. Finally this training has turned me into an Open Source Contributor :). I am learning a lot contributing to opensource.

  • Have you contributed to any upstream project(s)? If yes, then details

I have started contributing to upstream projects after the training. I have contributed to Fedora-Cloud testing [Tunirtests]( (https://github.com/kushaldas/tunirtests) and various projects of Fedora-Infra like bodhi, pkgdb2, [tahrir]( https://github.com/fedora-infra/tahrir, python-fedora.

  • Any tips for the next batch of participants.

This is the place to learn everything from scratch if anyone wants to get started with open source contributions and learn about various tools. So don't miss the training because it is one of the steps to change your life for the better.

Thank you DGPLUG.